"inHUMANE" Official Teaser — Online Now!

The official teaser trailer for my next feature film project is online now! Check it out below:

"inHUMANE" was produced by my good friend and frequent collaborator Devin Edwards of Cinema Tale and directed by Ryan Robins of Cold Fox Films. This film was an interesting project for me, personally, because not only am I composing the score, but I also served as Unit Production Manager and Associate Producer, allowing me to see the filmmaking process in a completely different light. Typically as a composer, I come on at the end of the making of a film, so it will be really cool for me to see this one go from conception to completion. It also allows me to start sketching musical ideas before receiving a rough edit of the film since I was onset during filming and already have an idea of what the final picture will look like.

You can hear a sampling of my music in the teaser, but you can expect much more from me in the coming months. Stay tuned!

— M